Natural Company for the Keeper cup, Moon Pads and Zappy NappiesThe Natural Company supports sustainable products; products which have been designed by women for women and infants.

We are increasingly becoming aware of the huge impact disposable products have on our environment.

About 700 million tampons and 1 billion pads are disposed of every year in Australia and New Zealand alone. The average baby will soil a minimum of 6000 nappies before being properly toilet trained. This amount of disposable nappies alone produces approximately 1500 kg of waste!

These disposables can take up to 500 years to (partially) break down. Bird life is choking on tampon applicators and rayon manufacturers are one of the worst polluters. Besides the environmental facts, we would like to offer you healthy and money saving choices.

The Keeper menstrual cupThe Keeper, a reusable menstrual cup, was designed by a mother who wanted to offer her daughter an alternative and earth positive choice. Worn internally, it is comfortable and hygienic with a life expectancy of 10 years. Bound by biology to menstruate for approximately 35 years, the Keeper is a clear money saving choice.

Moon Pads menstrual padsMoon Pads are re-usable menstrual pads and stress incontinence pads. Created by a trained nurse who suffered from Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and ongoing problems with allergic irritations when using disposable menstrual products.

With absorbent cotton towelling on the inside and soft cotton fabric on the outside, Moon Pads are fully washable and reusable, and will last for many years.

Zappy Nappies, one size fits allZappy Nappies were designed by an Australian mother who wanted to ensure comfort for her infant and save money at the same time! From newborn to trainer, the unique Zappy design is a simple reusable nappy system that easily adjusts as your baby grows. One size fits all!

We hope that through the information on our web site you will be able to make a sustainable and conscientious choice. We are happy to answer any queries, encourage feedback and would love to hear your suggestions.

Join us to care for our future.